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Foreign nationals are allowed to enter into India on the new passport even if Electronic Travel Authorisation (ETA)(e-visa) has been issued on the old passport, provided foreign nationals carry the old passport on which ETA was issued.

Sanjeev Kumar Singla Ambassador of India to Israel

Emergency Number

Please call the emergency number 035226748 in case of emergencies like death or critical illness or loss of passports of Indian nationals in Israel.Israelis seeking emergency visa services in serious cases like death or illness of a blood relative in India can also call the emergency number. Please note, this is a 24*7 emergency number and routine queries related to passport status, visa enquiry etc. are not entertained on the emergency number.

Student Registration

All Indian students in Israel are requested to register themselves on the MADAD portal. The portal has been developed by the Government of India to meet several objectives which include improving its interactions with Indian students outside India.