Scholarships for Indian Nationals Education

Scholarships for Indian Nationals

Opportunities for Indian students in Israel

1. The Israeli government offers seven scholarships to Indian students every year at graduate level: five general scholarships and two for Hebrew language study. The scholarships are offered for eight months (one academic year) to graduate students under the age of 35 years to pursue programmes in universities and programs approved by the Israeli Council for Higher Education. The scholarship includes tuition fee, monthly allowance (USD 750), and a basic health insurance, whereas applicants have to arrange for accommodation, transportation and air travel. Scholarships are circulated through the Ministry of Human Resources Development of India.

2. Since 2013, the Israeli government has been offering short term summer scholarships to Indian students to spend a month at the research universities in Israel. These scholarships are available for specific courses in a number of Israeli universities.

3. The Israeli Council for Higher Education and the Israeli Academy for Sciences and Humanities has recently launched a new post-doctoral fellowship program for excellent international researchers. A total of 20 fellowships will be provided to incoming post-doctorates conducting research in one of Israel’s universities; at least 15 fellowships will be allocated in Sciences, Technology, Engineering and Maths, and up to 5 fellowships will be allocated in Humanities and Social Sciences. The fellowships will be awarded for two years for the amount of NIS 160,000 (about USD 47,000) per year. More information:

4. In addition to government funding, there are several private funding options/grants available to Indian students and researchers. Interested students may like to visit the following link for more details

5. University Grants Commission (UGC)-Israel Science Foundation (ISF) Fund: Since 2013, UGC-ISF funding program offers scholarships for joint academic research. Under the program, each government contributes USD 12.5 million for 5 academic years, starting from 2014-15. The programme provides support of up to USD 300,000 for an experimental project and USD 180,000 for a theoretical project for up to three years. 41 projects in areas ranging from humanities, life sciences, social sciences etc. have received funding under the programme so far. The two sides are currently engaged in discussions for the continuation of the funding programme.

August 9, 2022