Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI) Indian Community

Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI)

Overseas Citizenship of India (OCI)

Before applying for OCI: It is mandatory for all Indian Passport holders to renounce their Indian citizenship upon acquiring foreign nationality. This is essential for applying for OCI. If not done before, then the applicant must simultaneously apply for surrender of Indian citizenship certificate or cancellation of concerned Indian passport along with the OCI application.

Eligibility: Following categories of foreign nationals are entitled for grant of status of Overseas Citizen of India (OCI):

i) One who was a citizen or eligible to have been a citizen of India anytime on or after 26.01.1950.

ii) One whose father and mother, both, were at any time citizens or eligible to have been citizens of India on or after 26.01.1950.

iii) One whose all grandparents (maternal and paternal) were at any time citizens or eligible to have been citizens of India on or after 26.01.1950.

iv) Foreign spouse of Indian national or OCI card holder is also eligible for OCI card after a minimum period of two years from their date of marriage subject to other condition. It may also be noted that those OCI card has to surrender to the nearest Indian Mission abroad (or in India FRRO) after their divorce (if any). Holding of OCI card after divorce is a punishable offence.

Anyone who has ever been citizens of Pakistan or Bangladesh is not eligible for OCI. As per the instructions of Government of India, any person who has ever served in the defence/police forces in a foreign country (except compulsory conscription), for any period of time in any capacity (i.e., reserve duty or regular services), is not entitled for the OCI status. Eligible persons would be granted OCI only upon submission of all necessary documents and fulfilling all other necessary formalities. Please refer documents and how to apply.


i) The applicant needs to produce requisite documents of self, or parents or grandparents, based on one’s ground for claiming OCI. i.e; An applicant claiming OCI on the basis of Indian Citizenship of parents needs to produce requisite documents of parents, on the basis of grandparents needs to produce requisite documents of grandparents etc.

ii) Applicants claiming OCI through their parents or grandparents should produce documents which would prove their relationship with their parents or grandparents, as the case maybe in addition to other necessary documents.

iii) The applicant should carry the original and photocopy of all documents at the time of submitting the application in Embassy of India. The original shall be returned after verification and the photocopy shall be retained by the Embassy.

Requisite documents:

  1. Indian passport(s).


  1. Domicile/nativity certificate(s) issued by the competent authority in India.


  1. Any 3 supportive documents. Supportive documents are as follows:

Birth certificate(s) issued by Government/ Municipal authorities in India. Certificate(s) from recognized educational institutes. Employment certificate(s) from India. Property or land ownership certificate(s) in India. Any other document issued in India to prove residency/citizenship.


  1. Laissez-Passez issued by Israeli authorities for immigration from India to Israel and any one of the supportive documents.


  1. A certificate from Israeli Ministry of Interior mentioning passport number of the applicant on which he/she emigrated to Israel and any one of the supportive documents.

Other documents:

  1. Israeli passport and Israeli ID Card.
  2. Police Clearance Certificate in English from the Israeli Police.
  3. Detailed Personal Particulars from Ministry of Interior, Israel (TamsitReshum) to verify the date of immigration to Israel.
  4. Surrender of Indian citizenship Certificate or copy of cancelled Indian passport on acquisition of Israeli nationality.

P.S: Proof of change of name should be submitted in English, if there is any discrepancy in name as on the Israeli ID or passport and the Indian documents.

  1. A certificate (duly attested by the Israeli Defence Forces) stating that the individual has not served as reserve duty or regular services in Israeli Defence/Police Forces except compulsory training.

How to apply:

Step 1: Ensure that the applicant qualifies for OCI as per the eligibility criteria and also ensure necessary documents are present (Refer Documents).

Step 2: Apply for Police Clearance Certificate in English from the Israeli Police. The Police authorities send the Police Clearance Certificate directly to the Embassy. It normally takes about 3 – 4 weeks. Please check with the Embassy about the receipt of the certificate after 4 weeks.

Step 3: After Police Clearance Certificate has been received in the Embassy, applicant should apply for new OCI online registration by clicking on the link: www.ociindia.nic.in or www.ociservices.gov.in. The online application forms have two parts. Part A and Part B of the online application form have to be filled separately. After submission of Part A online, a copy of Part A with an online Registration Number will be printed along with unfilled Part B of application form. Details in Part B should be typed out except for the declaration and signature. In case the space provided is not sufficient, additional sheets may be used for providing requisite details.

Step 4: Printout of Part A of the application form, duly filled Part B of the form should be submitted along with all the necessary documents (Refer Documents) in the Embassy any day from Monday to Thursday between 0900 and 1200 hrs. They should be accompanied 4 photographs (5 cm x 5 cm). It should have light color background (not white) without border. Photographs should not be stapled and should not have any signature on them.

Step 5: Status of the application can be tracked in: www.ociservices.gov.in. Processing time is normally 6-8 weeks and the Embassy informs the applicant when the OCI card is ready.

Benefits: Status of an OCI is almost at par with a normal Indian citizen excepting restrictions in the following:

i) Voting rights.

ii) Government employment.

iii) Becoming a member in the Legislative Assembly or Legislative Council or Parliament.

iv) Holding Indian Constitutional posts such as President, Vice President, Judge of Supreme Court, High Court etc.

v) Acquisition of agricultural property.

OCI Miscellaneous Services for OCI Card holders: can be availed only by the OCI Card holders for re-issuance/issuance of duplicate OCI documents in the following contingencies:

i) Change of personal particulars.

ii) Loss/damage of OCI Card

iii) Re-issue of OCI card on completion of 20 years of age.

Renewal of OCI is required only once after getting a new passport after attaining 20 years of age.  Renewal of OCI is not required if the first OCI was issued after completion of 20 years of age.  Applicants are only required to update their current passport/address/occupation details online using the Miscellaneous Service option on www.ociserices.gov.in. Updating of passport (before 20 years and after 50 years of age)/address/occupation details is a completely online process and is Gratis (Free).  No physical submission of form.  Applicants can easily check status of their online application for updating of details using Status Enquiry option of the website www.ocisercies.gov.in. or using the link https://ociservices.gov.in/statusEnquiry. 

  1. The application for this service should be filled online on ociservices.gov.in(then select OCI Miscellaneous services). One hard copy of the application form is to be submitted to the Embassy along with supporting documents.
  2. In case of loss/damage of OCI documents, the service would be granted only after personal interview.

Conversion from PIO to OCI Card

The application for this service should be filled online on www.ociservices.gov.in (then select OCI registration in lieu of valid PIO card). One hard copy of the application form is to be submitted to the Embassy along with following documents:

(i) 4 copies of photographs (5x5 cm and light background), (ii) Copy of current passport and ID, (iii) Army exemption/relief certificate, and (v) a copy of any document issued in India to prove residency/citizenship or copy of parent/grandparent/spouse OCI card.

The details of Fees for OCI Card are given below:






Fresh OCI Card




Fresh OCI Card in lieu of lost and damaged OCI card




Conversion from PIO to OCI Card




Re-issue of OCI Card for change of particulars




Re-issue of OCI Card at the age of 20