ICCR Scholarships 2019-20 for Israeli Nationals

ICCR Scholarships 2019-20 for Israeli Nationals

ICCR Scholarships 2019-20 for Israeli Nationals

Government of India under the aegis of Indian Council for Cultural Relations (ICCR) has announced 5 scholarships for Israeli nationals wishing to study post graduate courses in universities and educational institutes in India for the academic year 2019-20.

Last Date for application: 18 March 2019 (Monday)

For the academic year 2019-20, scholarships for Israeli nationals are being offered under the Cultural Exchange Programme/ Education Exchange Programme (A1206). For more details regarding the programmes, click here: http://a2ascholarships.iccr.gov.in/home/scheme

The scholarships include enrolment and course fees, besides a fixed amount of living expenses. The scholarships are granted for the full duration of the course. The scholarships do not include airfare.

Applicants are requested to log onto “Admissions to Alumni” (A2A), the Scholarship Portal developed by ICCR. This portal contains all the relevant information for the applicants including details of all State Universities, Central Universities and Institutes, colleges affiliated with them, courses available, availability of hostels, applications guidelines, eligibility criteria and other relevant information for helping the applicants in decision-making while applying for the academic courses of their preference. In order to ensure security of the foreign students, the ICCR has decided to make it compulsory for all ICCR sponsored students to stay inside the hostel wherever available. No student shall be allowed to stay in private accommodation.

ICCR Scholarship Application Portal http://a2ascholarships.iccr.gov.in

For any further queries, interested students can write to email: cul.telaviv@mea.gov.in and if you would like us to call you on the phone please leave your phone number in the message.